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Facing the sudden arrival of earthquake, Hefei foam factory takes you to understand self-help

Time: June 30, 2018

The Wenchuan earthquake has engraved a brand mark on everyone's mind. The Jiuzhaigou earthquake and Xinjiang earthquake the day before yesterday made us all worried and hoped that there would be no new casualties. In the face of the sudden arrival of the earthquake, Hefei foam factory will take you to understand the self-help manual.


    1、 When the earthquake comes, maybe only a few seconds, if you are at home at this time, do not panic, do a good job of emergency shock absorbers, choose indoor solid, can cover the body of the object, easy to form a triangle space of the place, small space, support; if writing desk, desk, bed, wardrobe, refrigerator and other tall and solid furniture, Hefei foam factory Shenghao Special reminder, it is beside, not below, to avoid falling objects. Remember, don't stay in bed, you can't jump off a building, you can't make an elevator.


Second, when the earthquake comes, if you are in the elevator, please leave as soon as possible. If the door cannot be opened, remember to squat down with your head in your arms and hold on to the handrail. Do not run around.


When the earthquake comes, what should you do if you are in school? Remember, listen to the teacher, take appropriate measures to avoid the wall.

72 liters of water per day is not enough for each person. Food, food for 72 hours, milk powder and juice, don't choose foods that make people thirsty. Choose salt free biscuits, whole wheat cereal and canned food rich in liquid, first aid kit, whistle and warm clothes.

Finally, the self-help manual, I hope you all pass on, in the face of the sudden arrival of the earthquake, reduce more casualties.